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When taken for hypertension, Tenormin has to be in continuous provide for the patient to keep the blood tension under control whatsoever times. Tenormin is among those taken all the time, which can best Place To Buy Generic Tenormin thousands and countless dollars. Do not avoid your dosages. You should keep taking the medication as soon as recommended till your physician tells you do to otherwise, as stopping the treatment suddenly can make your problem a lot even worse. Maternal dosages were 50 or 100 mg daily. Tenormin could exacerbate peripheral arterial blood circulation ailments.

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Atenolol (Tenormin) is a beta-blocker utilized to treat angina (upper body discomfort) and hypertension, and also to stop and manage cardiovascular disease. It’s not advised to quit taking this drug unexpectedly as soon as you began as it could aggravate your

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